Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully…

It is an agreement between the company and the delegate who would purchase the course and it could be an individual or a company.

The Courses and the content which are shared through the website are our own and managed by us only and it should be copied anywhere and it is unlawful.

Registration & Enrollment:

Course Registration has to be done in time as per the agreement in between the company before the training starts.

We have complete right to stop the service if the company not received the payment in time as agreed.

Cancellation & Refund:

If you want to cancel your course which are registered and paid already and you should cancel your course with in 48 hrs of the subscription to get the 100 % refund and just contact us through phone or email to cancel your course and to get your refund.

If you wish to cancel your course after starting the course, with in 3 sessions (max 5 hrs) of the training you would be eligible to get the refund of 90 % of the total fee and 10 % would be deducted for the administration fee.

If you wish to cancel your course after 7 sessions (max of 7 hrs ) of the training , 50 % of the training fee would be refunded. After 7 sessions no refund would be given.

Note: All your refunds would be processed with in maximum duration of 15 days.

Re-Scheduling Policy:

We have complete right to change the schedules of the trainings to accommodate the global participants and it is subject to the availability of all participants.

If the changed training schedule is not matching to your availability you always can ask company to refund your training fee if it is already paid or you can ask to put you into another batch which is matching to your availability.

In case of Refund due to the change of the schedule, you should claim your refund before the training starts for the complete refund.

Whereas, If the delegate request us to change his schedule due to unexpected and unexplained works, training would be scheduled subject to the availability of the slots. May have to wait up to maximum of 15 days to allocate the new schedule for you.

Course Transfer Policy:

If you wish to transfer your course to your friend or colleague and you should intimate us before 48 hrs of the scheduled time and there will be a 10 % deduction on the fee paid for the administration and the balance amount would be transferred to the new participant.

The delegates are not allowed to shift from one course to another in between the training and no refund would be given as well.

Server Access & Documents:

The delegates are requested to not to share the Server Access & Documents to any other individuals and should not upload anywhere in the internet.

Your service would be cancelled if we found that you have shared your access & documents to somebody else.

You are allowed to record your sessions for your personal use only not for the commercial use. If found, you would be punished.