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During the Search Marketing course you will learn to:

Develop an integrated search engine marketing (SEM) action plan that will boost your SEO and PPC efforts

Understand the importance of creating landing pages that will boost conversion rates for both SEO and PPC

Apply keyword analysis techniques to optimise your site content for SEO and make more effective use of keywords in your PPC

Identify, measure and act upon the key performance indicators that will help boost your website’s performance through search

Ensure that growth in targeted traffic is sustained.

Who should attend Search Marketing:

This search marketing course is designed for all marketers involved in online marketing.

SEO Content:

Why Search Engine Optimisation is so important

  1. Introduction to search engines, how they work and latest developments
  2. Overview of all major search ranking factors that boost rankings

Identifying and using keyword phrases for SEO

  1. Why choosing the right keyword phrases is critical
  2. Understand the psychology of search behaviour and user journeys to identify target keywords
  3. Tools and techniques to identify high demand, profitable keywords
  4. Methods for uncovering your competitors’ keyword phrases

Getting your site indexed in search engines

  1. How to help the search engines index your most important and up-to-date content
  2. Overview of tools such as Google Webmaster Tools to help diagnose indexing problems
  3. Tactics to ensure all of your website assets (such as images, videos etc.) are indexed
  4. How technology such as iFrames, JavaScript and AJAX may impact indexing

Boosting your rankings in search engines

  1. Tactics for using high value, high demand target keyword phrases throughout your site
  2. How best practice website design/architecture and coding will help boost your SEO
  3. Methods to avoid to ensure your website does not get penalised or banned

Link building

  1. Overview of the importance of building high quality links to your website
  2. Understand the myths and misconceptions of Google PageRank
  3. How to use blogs and other social media as effective tools in your SEO arsenal

Other important issues

  1. The importance of a correctly configured web analytics solution such as Google Analytics
  2. Overview of the pros and cons of outsourcing your SEO campaigns or keeping them in-house
  3. Checklist to help you define a comprehensive SEO brief for your agency partners
  4. Checklist of all key considerations when launching a new website


PPC Course Content:

Pay per Click Overview

  1. Definition of Pay per Click (PPC) and how it works
  2. Understand Quality Score and how improving quality can lower your PPC costs
  3. Overview of important opportunities with Google AdWords and Bing Ads

Planning and structuring your PPC campaigns

  1. Importance of setting appropriate objectives, goals and expectations
  2. How to determine actionable metrics against which you will measure performance
  3. How a good account structure will aid the performance and growth of your PPC campaigns

Identifying the keyword phrases to target for PPC campaigns

  1. Why choosing the most appropriate keyword phrases is critical
  2. Tools and techniques to help you research and identify the most appropriate keyword phrases
  3. How to take advantage of the change in search behaviour as prospective customers move along the buying cycle
  4. How high performing PPC keywords can improve the effectiveness of your SEO campaign

The importance of writing compelling ads and effective landing pages

  1. How compelling ads that increase click-through rates (CTRs) lower costs
  2. Best practice tips and techniques for increasing relevance and the quality of your ads
  3. How highly targeted ads and associated relevant landing pages can boost conversion rates
  4. Best practice approach to continuous testing and ongoing optimisation

Setting bids and bid management strategy

  1. How to select the right bidding strategy for your campaign
  2. Why automated bid management tools may be ineffective if your campaign is not optimised

Tracking performance and analysis

  1. How to integrate your PPC activity in with Google Analytics or other analytics solutions

Additional opportunities

  1. Overview of additional advertising opportunities – content targeting, remarketing, mobile advertising, Pay per Call, display and video ad formats etc.
  2. Upgrade to a professional qualification in search engine marketing