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Why SAP QM Online Training @ GO IT ?

GO IT Soft is a Leading IT Training Solution Provider for the SAP QM Online Training by Qualified & Certified Professionals.

Who Can go with SAP QM Online Training ?

1) Anybody who has technical background
2) Anybody who is currently working in SAP Functional Areas to become Techno - Functional Consultant

What is SAP QM ?

SAP Quality Management (QM) assures that products meet stringent regulatory standards, are safe and uniform, and meet company product specifications. SAP QM processes are thoroughly integrated into the manufacturing process.

The Quality Management module covers all classic quality management tasks, such as quality planning (setup of data for QM tasks), quality inspection, and quality control. SAP has several QM terms that are important to note.
1.Quality Planning: the creation and management of master data that is required to plan and complete inspections.
2.Quality Inspection: the identification of whether an inspection unit meets specified criteria.
3.Quality Certificates: documents that contain text, value, and inspection results, which are used to certify the material.
4.Quality Notifications: the recording and processing of internal or external problems that result from poor quality.
5.Quality Control: the combination of specification from inspection planning, results from quality inspections, and quality notifications form the basis for quality control.
6.Test Equipment Management: the management of test equipment in the form of master data records in SAP.

Key Features of SAP QM  Online Training:

1) 30 hours of Live Training

2) Free 60 days IDES Access

3) Life time access to Course Recordings

4) Complete set of Documents

SAP QM Online Training

SAP QM Online Training Course Content:

We have designed a SAP QM Online Training Course Curriculum which is more elaborate and can understand & follow the course by any individual like, Beginners to Consultants…

1.QM Business Process Overview

    1. QM and Company Business Processes
    2. Quality Management Process Flow
    3. Quality Management in the Logistics Supply Chain

2.QM Master Data

    1. QM Specific Master Data
    2. Cross-Application Master Data
    3. QM Basic Data
    4. Catalogs
    5. Test Equipment
    6. Master Inspection Characteristic
    7. Inspection Method
    8. Work Center
    9. Inspection Plans

3.Quality Inspection

    1. Inspection Lots
    2. Recording Inspection Results
    3. Defects Recording
    4. Inspection Lot Completion

4.Quality Control

    1. Quality Notifications
    2. Results and Defect Recording
    3. Document Flow
    4. Notification Items, Tasks, Activity
    5. Reference Objects
    6. QM Orders
    7. Quality Notification
    8. Quality Certificates

5.QM in Procurement

    1. Integration of Procurement and Quality Management
    2. Master Data in Procurement
    3. Quality Inspection for Procured Goods
    4. Stock Movement Following Inspection

6.QM in Production

    1. Production Process
    2. Master Data for QM in Production
    3. Task List Set Up for QM in Production
    4. Display Routing
    5. Production Order and Inspection Lot
    6. Record Inspection Results
    7. Making a Usage Decision
    8. Operations for Production Order
    9. Set Production Order to Technically Complete

7.QM Reports

    1. Standard Analyses: Quality Management Information System
    2. Work Lists
    3. Where-Used Lists

8.Introduction to Customizing

    1. Basic Navigation
    2. Logistics General

9.Quality Basic Settings

    1. First Steps
    2. Setting up Clients
    3. Maintain Settings at Client Level
    4. Establish Organizational Units (Plants, Sales Organization, etc.)
    5. Maintain Settings at Plant Level
    6. Exercise

10.Quality in Logistics

    1. Procurement
    2. QM in Production; QM in Sales and Distribution

11.Quality Planning

    1. Master Data
    2. Basic Data
    3. Inspection Characteristic, Inspection Method
    4. Inspection Planning
    5. Engineering Work Bench

12.Quality Inspection

    1. Inspection Lot Creation
    2. Maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types
    3. Inspection Lot Completion

13.Quality Notifications

    1. Overview of Notification Type
    2. Notification Creation
    3. Notification Processing
    4. Defects Recording
    5. Information System
    6. Using Notifications

14.Quality Control / Test Equipment Management / Environment / Central Functions

    1. Quality Control
    2. Test Equipment Management
    3. Environment

15.Logistics Information Systems

    1. Quality Notification Information System
    2. Data Basics
    3. Tools
    4. Updating
    5. Flexible Analysis


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