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Why SAP BODS Online Training @ GO IT ?

GO IT Soft is a Leading IT Training Solution Provider for the SAP BODS Online Training by Qualified & Certified Professionals.

Who Can go with SAP BODS Online Training ?

1) Anybody who has technical background
2) Anybody who is currently working in Reporting tool, Business Intelligence, Data warehousing

What is SAP BODS ?

It is an ETL tool currently acquired by SAP used for integration with all types of disparate systems, extracting data from them, transforming them into meaningful information and loading them into all types of systems.

It is tightly integrated with SAP systems and hence really a good tool to migrate data from legacy systems to SAP systems with ease and less development efforts with effective debugging and monitoring capabilities.

BODS Business Objects Data Services is a GUI workspace that allows to create jobs that extracts data from heterogeneous sources, transforms that data using built-in transforms and functions to meet business requirements and then loads the data into a single datastore or data warehouse for further analysis.

SAP Business Objects Data Services can be used for both real-time and batch jobs.

Key Features of SAP BODS Online Training:

1) 35 hours of Live Training

2) Free 60 days IDES Access

3) Life time access to Course Recordings

4) Complete set of Documents

SAP BODS Online Training

SAP BODS Online Training Course Content:

We have designed SAP BODS Course Curriculum which is more eloborative and can understand & follow the course by any individual like, Beginers to Consultants…

DW Concepts



Dimensional Modeling

DW Lifecycle

DW Challenges

ETL Overview

ETL introduction

Staging Area

Business Rules


Slowly Changing Dimensions

Surrogate Keys

Facts and Dimension Tables

Different ETL Tools

Business Objects Overview




Data Services

Purpose of Data Services

Data Services architecture

Define Data Services objects

Data Services Designer interface

Data Services Objects

Object Hierarchy



Data Flows

Source and Target Metadata

Data Stores

File formats for flat files

File formats for Excel files

File formats for XML files

Lab Exercises

Environment setup

Creating repository

Setting Job Server

Setup for realtime operation

Setting multiple datastores

Starting Job servers

Lab Exercises

Batch Jobs

Work with objects

Create a data flow

Use the Query transform

Use target tables

Execute the job

Lab Exercises

Troubleshooting Jobs

Use descriptions and annotations

Validate and tracing jobs

Use View Data and the Interactive Debugger

Use auditing in data flows

Lab Exercises

Functions, Scripts and Variables

Define built-in functions

Functions in expressions

Lookup function

Decode function

Variables and parameters

Data Services scripting languag

Scripting custom functions

Lab Exercises

Important Transforms

Map Operation transform

Validation transform

Merge transform

Case transform

SQL transform

Lab Exercises

Other Transforms

Pivot transform

Hierarchy Flattening transform

Data Transfer transform

XML Pipeline transform

Lab Exercises

Error Handling

Error Handling

Recoverable work flows

Change Data Capture

Update data over time

Database native CDC mechanisms

Source-based CDC

Target Comparison

Lab Exercises

Data quality Overview

Fundamentals of DQ and Data Cleansing

Built in DQ Transformations

Data Validation

Name & Address cleansing

De duplication

Cleansing other data

Lab Exercises

Web-Services and Real-Time Integration

Real Time Jobs

SOAP Introduction

Web Services

SAP Integration

Creating datastores for SAP databases

Accessing SAP data

Running ABAP programs

R/3 Data flows 

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