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Basics and Administration:

Introduction to TM1

Different Components Of TM1

Installation Of TM1 server and Client on a machine

Creation of new TM1 data server

Connecting to existing TM1 server

TM1 administration

1.TM1 Architect:

Create Dimensions:

Review cubes and dimensions

Create dimensions manually

Edit dimensions

Create dimensions using Turbo Integrator

Build Cubes and Views

Discuss cubes and data points

Create cubes

Construct views of data in cubes

Create and use a pick list

Load and Maintain Data

Create processes to load data

Create a process to delete data in a cube

Create processes to update the model

Add Business Rules

Discuss a rule

Construct rules for elements or consolidations

Use functions in rules

Optimize rule performance

Discuss rules in a Rule Worksheet

Optimize rule performance

Use Skipcheck and Feeders

Employ tools to enhance rules and feeders

Transfer Data into Your Model Using Scripts

Review Advanced tabs in Turbo Integrator

Add a subset to a dimension

Use logic in scripts

Move data between versions

Construct chores

Customize Drill Paths

Create a Drill Process

Create a Drill Assignment Rule

Using Rules for Advanced Modeling

Discuss virtual cubes

List uses for lookup cubes

Create and use a spread profile cube

Implement moving balances in a cube


Creating Users and Groups

Cube Level Security

Dimension Security

Element level Security

Create and Deploy Planning Applications to the Web

Create a Managed Planning Application

Apply security to Managed Planning Applications

Examine design techniques and best practices

Working with Sandboxes

Creation of sandboxes

Deleting sandboxes

Commit Sandboxes

Reset data

2) TM1 Perspective

Creation of Slice

Creation of snapshot

Creation of Active from

Active from vs snapshot

snapshot vs slice

Working with Worksheet Slice and active form

Adding Action Buttons in worksheet

In Spreadsheet Browser

How to Create In Spreadsheet Browser

How to swap row and columns

3)TM1 Web

Components in TM1 Web

How to create Cube view in TM1 web

How to use subset in Tm1 web

How to create Chart Report

How to change Chart Type and Colors

How to Change Chart appearance

How to Change Chart Properties

How to Run Process in Cognos TM1 Web

How to Edit Chores

How to Activate Chores

How to Execute Chores

How to change user password

How to change Dimension Properties

How to create Sandbox

How to commit Sand box

How to reload sandbox

How to delete sandbox

How to integrate TM1 Web with Cognos BI Portal

4) TM1 contributor

Advantages of Contributor Vs TM1 web

Deploy the contributor application

Creating the Approval hierarchy

Work flow creation